Russian nuclear scientists arrested for 'Bitcoin mining plot' This is hilarious! It sounds like a Bitcoin theme for an Austin Powers movie.


I wouldn’t be surprised if dude was running a Russian mail order bride catalog out of the same servers too.

Yeah, a couple of retards decided to connect a supercomputer at a nuclear research center to the Internet. What could go wrong, right?

Trigger internal security measures, obviously.

welcome every “black hat hackers” wet dream and every country that does not have nukes wet dream as well. sounds more like a cover up to me but that is my theorist side talking.

I am sure that they got them by the internet traffic. However more funnier is the story inside that article that mentioned of a guy who bought two power stations for mining…


i wonder how they connected the super cluster to the internet in the first place. I would imagine it would be physically separated from the computers that have any sort of internet access. Wifi perhaps?