Russian government officials say no to "internet tax"

Internet Tax

Deputies of the State Duma voted against the introduction of charges for the use of Internet. This idea was earlier proposed by the director of the Russian Union of holders Sergey Fedotov.

Earlier, Sergey Fedotov said:

"We offer this model: if you have an internet connection, then to your account, whether mobile or wired internet, 25 rubles (around 50 cents) are added every month. That is 300 rubles or about 5$ per year. According to available statistics, it is about 5% of the the average cost of a single Internet access point. Now these costs amount to about 6,000 rubles or 1 200$ per year "- quoted Fedotov. He said that it is a card with no party. That is, the person who uses internet, pays twice.

RUh suggests that the total fee for subscribers summ up to about 860 million dollars annually. This money is proposed to be divided between the owners. "We believe that this amount would cover the interests of all holders, which are represented in the Russian digital market. We are talking about movies, music, and literature," - said Fedotov.

It does not matter, if the user downloads the content or never does - the tax should be mandatory for all.

Mikhalkov's (Russian producer, who first offered this idea) concept has changed a bit, but the essence remains the same:

Do not want to watch crappy movies, do not want to listen to shitty music, do not want to read crappy books - your problems. You will be required to pay for that shit, so mediocre content makers could again release crappy movies, write shitty music and write shitty books.

I don't have any desire to pay a single penny, because then i will be a sponsor.
Now, if it really legalized piracy, if the tax money whent to everyone from Moby to Logan - then yes, but who I'm lying to?

1. Such organizations exist, and the courts happen.
2. A system for obtaining high-quality content will not appear ... it's easier to introduce tax than your own Netflix.
3. Foreign authors will not get the money, although domestic are questionable if the word "FUND" appares again. Where did the money go? Who will keep track of?

Ideally, everything sounds rosy, but let's be honest. Ideal does not work, it's not about the legalization of content, it is about the money to government officials, in the style of the previous tax RSP (tax of one percent of the cost of each sold electronic gadget in Russia) + CD/DVD tax.

So for now - Good news everyone. At least here data is still data, and internet is still internet.

If i knew that my tax money went to creators, then yes i would pay.

The sad part is, that government structures are very corrupt, and who knows, where and to whom the money will go. I don't want to support Justin Bieber, and other's such as him. I don't want to support the creators of idiotic movies, like "family comedies" such as "American pie", "18 - year old virgin", etc. Or even other movies witch I think are crap, like "Hunger games". As long as that doesn't happen, I will be ok.

P.S. I know that most of you could care less about Russia, but things like this need to be noticed.

P.P.S. My first actual post. Translated from Russian using Google translate, and corrected by me, as much as i could be bothered to.


Lol such a tax would only incentivize people to pirate media and boycott the companies behind it, in order to get revenge. I believe there used to be something similar at some stage, or was from memory at least proposed in some countries for CDs and music. Its really pretty crappy, selfish greedy people thinking they have some right to someone elses money and whining like litttle children for the government to take it from them...

I hope the copyright tax will not be accepted. 300 Rubles per year per connection is maybe not much, but it's an unfair tax, because it's payable by those that have the least responsibility for copyright infringements.

Sweden allready has this isn it? Internet tax.

I think its criminal, because you simply allready pay tax to your providers bill.

Welcome to the Intranet.. lol. Next stop, internet tolls! and Internet parking and traffic police!