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Russia, Oh, Russia, why are you meddling


This is nothing but anti Russo propaganda.... already 5 seconds in like 'camera waking up, random looking here and there, green screen because 'it's waking up'' like seriously what the hell? I'm honestly hoping this is just entertainment at its worst.

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Where is the discussion value?

You know what would be great? If people didn't post news about every little thing that happens as soon as it happen without any additional info that would shed light on the situation. Especially if the headline is obviously a clickbait. I see a lot of people on the internet jumping to their prejudiced conclusion prior to the update on that article. God damn it, you people will never learn.

I mean look at this shit?

What the fuck is this?

Without going into the truthfulness of the assessment because I frankly don't give a shit, that's not what it means. "Consistent with our understanding" doesn't mean that their understanding is based on mere opinion. Intelligence agencies don't rely on opinions, they rely on facts and analysis of collected data. If something is consistent with their own understanding, it means that it's consistent with the facts that they have, which their understanding is based on. It also doesn't say that they only picked sources that they agree with and ignored all others.



Wow... who the hell would watch that woman... she is annoying. i thought she was a comedian at first. its pretty sad how our news is shit now. no one believes them or our politions

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The most dangerous thing that's happening right now is that Trump, a compulsive sociopathic liar, somehow managed to manipulate so much of the US population into agreeing that everything he says if fake news is in fact fake news, and everything that you tend to disagree with is also fake news, without even trying to investigate whether it's true or not. Basically, Trump administration is creating a generation of complete imbeciles incapable of critical thinking. Meanwhile he's also trying to destroy the media, which is the only possible outlet that could publicly challenge him every time he says or does something wrong. And people are so fuckin' stupid they just eat it all up.



I was discussing with my dad the entire news story about Trump's Russia briefing/summary vs. the BuzzFeed BS, and the entire discussion brought one thing to light. Politics aside, over the next 4 years it's going to be really tough to get a straight answer on anything. It's going to take 4 or 5 sources from across the political spectrum and 6-10 stories to get to the bottom of what's going on with a story, because Trump's folks are pros at obfuscating and confusing news media streams.

Be vigilant, friends.



You should really take a look at this site:

and make sure you

You actually make some decent points in your arguments, but, they're so riddled with logical fallacies such as ad hominem attacks like the one quoted that it takes away almost all credibility from the argument itself.

There's also this that may help you build solid arguments here without having to resort to using logical fallacies:

Hopefully this helps. I do like the arguments and alternate points of view you give, they're actually insightful and helpful because at times we all can get too set in our ways to view things from the other side. Do I agree with the points of view given? oftentimes no but that doesn't detract from the fact that they make me think about it deeper to garner a better understanding.



It's going to be important to spend the next 4 years reading very carefully, checking multiple sources, and keeping a level head before jumping to conclusions. Bonus engaged citizen points of you can encourage and teach friends and family to do the same.



It's a good thing that I'm not arguing then. I'm flat out telling you. What you do with the information isn't my concern. Whether you accept the advice or you decide to act like a high school atheist who just discovered the existence of logical fallacies website to use against creationists on YouTube comment section is entirely up to you.



I must laugh derisively at that

So its shit to point out that the more plausible explanation is that a disgruntled employee did all that then the Russians somehow magically take over camera operations, take over somehow the lights in that room... And have a no delay stream or a person on the ground telling them the exact time to turn lights out...

However I do want to point out this is a troll thread as @thegai02 starts by saying

Then says in regard to the report

So as you can see its all a laugh, did update the top to say as much....

I do like @ImprovizoR how you say

When the "news" was already doing that, hell giz was calling it "disturbing" and sorcing the report to link it lol

also thought it was interest ing that it was sorced to a tweet connected to deadspin....

The gawker empire clickbait poorly sourced and updates at the bottom with no change to title or body continues even under Univision.

Update: I do agree that everyone now a days jumps to conclusions, from news to people

Update: I also don't know why this thread is here, I know that the Russian hacking thread was awful when I read it but we don't need two cancer threads lol

Update: @Zoltan I did not know that about L3, I'll have to look into that. Very interesting, thanks for sharing (I believe you, just want to check, makes sense)


Hahaha good one, sound like a tolerant person

You were giving advice? Anyway great troll 6/10

(See how dumb that is to have updates at the bottom?)



It's shit to not wait for more info.

Oh I wasn't excluding them. They're even more guilty since their standard for reporting should be higher.

You don't think I'm tolerant? I may have to kill you for that.

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Rate that 8/10 as it made me giggle!

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Especially since the new president is going to be openly corrupt. He doesn't even want to divest from his businesses which is unheard off. He's literally breaking the law on day one. Trump has a direct financial interest in making sure that people don't trust negative things they hear about him in the media. This is how authoritarian governments start.



Q: The "critical thinking" part of the brains of the people who voted in this election has been (for the past decades of Obama/Clinton/Bush):

Answer 1: Beaten down to a pulp by the previous governments and their apparatus
Answer 2: Nurtured and encouraged by the previous governments and their apparatus
Answer 3: Lol, this isn't communism, it's muh free wurld, government doesn't control/shape us, we control/shape it.
Answer 4: Crushed by Russian propaganda
Answer 5: ______________________ (fill in your own)



Look, the general public never had much in terms of critical thinking, but they had enough to choose the lesser evil. Even now, less people voted for Trump than for that angry witch so it's not all bad (yet). But a whole lot of people were also angry and a bit dimwitted as well. If the DNC wasn't filled with massive cunts, Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination he'd most likely walk all over Trump in the general election. I'm simplifying for the sake of a shorter post. But he was the only candidate with a net positive favorability. And favorability is incredibly important in politics.



I've always thought they rely on secrecy, coercion, lies among other more nefarious practices.

They didn't create them, they just make them shine.

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Those things aren't mutually exclusive.

Oh, he'll make sure that people can reach their full potential for stupidity. It's something to aspire to at least.



Y'all need to chill. You can't claim to excel in critical thinking and logic if you can't take a pragmatic approach to your opinion of this incoming administration. Realize what they're capable of and what they're not. Take a moment to think of whether or not it really matters of Trump has continuing business interests or is corrupt. Does it affect policy? Does it practically change your life other than making you angry?

I'm as frustrated as everyone else, but complaining and accusing in the manner you guys are is far from exercising those critical thinking skills you claim to have. Allowing yourself to react in this way is what Trump's camp wants you to do. Claiming that the general public are imbeciles demonstrates that you're as disconnected as any politician. It's just another example of a story that politicians have successfully sold to you.

Find between your ideals and practicality the balance which allows you to ACTUALLY be a critical thinker while not being so blindly critical of people you don't know.

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Absolutely. But the thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't go away over a period of one campaign. It is destroyed (or nurtured) over decades. And after those decades + what the DNC pulled with Sanders + all of the other scandals in the past 2-3 years + having an international media outlet (RT) attacking your opponent with reeeeealy nasty material...

I'm not sure how anyone can attribute Trumps victory to his own campaign. My personal opinion: maybe 30% of the "blame" for Trump winning is Trump himself. The campaign itself was nothing special but the timing and stupidity of his adversaries was perfect.

And as for the decline of critical thinking: Citizens were silent and approving for decades. Those who opposed were crushed by the MSM. No one wanted to defend them, either because they were afraid, or because they were benefiting, or they simply believed what they were told by the establishment and MSM. Now it's them on the opposite side, and Voltaire has never been more relevant:

"I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."

OR, also a very applicable quote:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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But the media told me that nothing Trump will do will be good so I'm thinking critically and agreeing with them blindly.



Sarcasm would be in place if that was actually what the media was saying. But most are saying that he should be given a chance. There's a difference between journalistic reports and opinion pieces. I suggest you learn it.

As for critical thinking, you don't need the media to tell you if Trump will be good or bad. Just look up some facts. Look up facts about Trump's life, his previous business dealings, how he does business, with whom he does business, how the business usually ends up, how wealthy or in debt he is etc. Then look at the facts about the promises he's made during his campaign. Did he flip-flop on anything, and find out how realistic his promises are based on what it would take for those promises to be fulfilled. Also compare those promises to his personal beliefs and business history and with people that he decided to put in his cabinet. While you're at it, look up the history of his cabinet picks and look up some of their interviews, their beliefs, personal accomplishments etc. Based on facts that you can find about all those things, it should be fairly easy for you to predict what Trump's presidency is going to look like with pretty decent accuracy.