Russia, Oh, Russia, why are you meddling

First of all I am NOT putting this out as a political statement. To freshen the air this thread is for laughs and kicks not serious discussion and debate.

Makes the report seem more credible. If you read it that is. 111 comments only 10 link clicks. 2 of those are mine.

We need a russia tag. Oh this sounds like a Man in the Middle attack (or something of the sorts) for sure.

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Yeah, there is no ground for accusing RT of having performed a MIM attack. There are so many false flag operations and every skiddie and their dog, regardless of flag, would have a go at sites with unsafe setups.

Since there is no real objective ground for accusing RT or any other Russian organization, I kinda fail to see the benefit of this thread. Please explain it to me, because I'm rather inclined to lock it before it incites political banter based on a non-verified spark if you understand my point of view...


You say MIM attack, I say a salty democrat playing a 'joke'. And by 'joke' I mean that he did it deliberately to mock the incoming administration.

Remember: Inside threats are harder to detect and stop than outside threats.



that msmbc clip was pure cancer, so Russia was listening and turned off the lights and messed with the camera the moment Russian hacking got brought up..................

This type of thinking is like saying "hackers was a realistic movie about hacking and what hackers do"

Smh, also are the lights connected to the Internet? What about the camera controls? If not... are people that uneducated in how things work that they would think this is plausible?

well the sources are gizmodo and MSNBC so idk what I was expecting. Only interesting thing is why RT was on C span.....

Love the new angle of all this however, pretty funny spin

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Especially when the inside threats are blaming potential outside threats.

I didn't think of this as a political debate. And the title also does not reflect the voice of the thread. I just saw the satire and humor in this. Yes the MSNBC clip was cringeworthy really cringeworthy but all I could find. Truth be told I bet it's a skid during it for lols and kicks. It was just really funny and it's sorta news. Honestly I would probably pull a prank like that if I didn't want to incur the wrath of the Security Triumvirate and risk any future employment. So this thread is just for joking and mocking. Also I know Gizmodo sucks they really do.

Why in the bloody hell can't they remove that anatomical heart from the background it's making me queasy
@MFZuul @Yockanookany @Zoltan

"Smh, also are the lights connected to the Internet?"
The U.S Congress a the latest innovation in smart home technology.

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I refuse to trust a "report" that essentially says "trust us, professional liars who have been lying and committing heinous crimes since the 50's", and provides ZERO evidence to support their claims.

OK, we'll see where it goes, but I think discussions on political aspects of this or on who is responsible for anything are unwanted... with all the fake news and false flag operations and propaganda there is no discerning the truth from the lie anyway, on any level, and it has nothing to do with technology, so participants in this thread, keep it in the realm of "funny" and "non-political" please.

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Seeing is believing until you dig under the surface :) In this way, a great many people are mislead.

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I have yet to see it as my privacy filters go crazy when trying to read it lol

but this from that gizmo's article

After all, last week’s declassified report jointly authored by the CIA, FBI, and NSA stated in no uncertain terms that RT was being used throughout the election as a tool to disseminate propaganda and swing the vote towards Donald Trump.

has has me wanting to read it.... so who are you blaming again? hackers or RT? lol also like how nothing that was leaked was false or said to be false....

also @thegai02 can change the time stamp a few seconds maybe?

also this

to me the more plausible explanation is that someone routed it to RT

I love how giz has updated the article, but the clickbait headline and updates are at the bottom of the page haha

... you'll see on page i this:

  • which means that they selected sources which supported their predefined opinion. They're literally admitting cherry picking.
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How stupid do they think people are? sure they have to take that into consideration.

Enjoy your new home on every watch list out there. Lol.


The best part is the response from RT. Oh yeah we did it and we also have the aliens from area 51 too.

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I've already seen Chuck Norris memes rewritten for russian hackers.
When God said "Let there be light", russian hackers answered: "You forgot to say 'please'".

ok just read the whole thing @thegai02, as in the report, that was..... so dumb.....

this is all a poorly veiled attempt to make the election "illegitimate" and these two stories are just frosting to the BS cake

Did I mention I don't like trump? Yet even I can see how dumb this is... man this will be a fun few years with this dumb shit, be a good laugh while real issues are left to the wayside

Yes it was dumb really dumb the confidence rating really?
It is a poorly veiled attempt but it's way to convenient. And convenience is something that makes me no trustful of the Triumvirate.

Yo I've been at home for long time ;)

You are fake news !!

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maybe thats just me, but thats A LOT of russian hacking in one day and also A LOT of coincidence.

for what reason? looks to me that a) russian hackers are way too drunk at this point to work properly or b) inside job to blame russia even more or c) an intern fucked up and nobody wants to take the blame.


Reality is that the largest US bandwidth provider, Level3, has coincidently chosen Ukraine as their main European and Eurasian base of operations years ago... under those circumstances... even traffic that is proven to come from the Russian Federation, provides no proof whatsoever as to the real provenance, and anyone can be accused of being a Russian hacker pretty much. It's all pretty much set up to be rigged from the start. Also, everyone and their dog wants a war between Russia and Continental Europe, except Russia and Continental Europe... so go figure what kind of information and coverage you can trust lol... fact is, hackers will hack, stupid admins that don't know how to harden a server if their lives depended on it, will have their servers hacked because guess what... commercial corporations don't care what happens to customers' data, as long as they can also sell it... so hackers grab what is not properly secured to sell it on the black market, and the corporations that sell services and products to customers, also grab that data to sell it on the black market, and above that fail to provide decent security to paying customers... now who exactly is the biggest criminal?... oh yes, the one that pays off politicians to not be considered a criminal I guess...