Running the Windows 7 standard games on Linux?


I’ve tried several things to get these little games ( running on Manjaro, but now I am out of ideas. I’ve tried running the installer with regular wine, also on Lutris.

With the Windows 10 prefix I got them running but there were missing menus (either no menus or just empty buttons without any descriptions att all).

Background: I need a replacement for Windows 7 for two quite stubborn retirees. For these two, the games have to look exactly the same, so using the Linux games seems out of question…

Anyone got some ideas how to get these games running with all menus/descriptions?
Thanks in advance.


I tried in regular wine on KDE on ubuntu 1910 and get all the games with icons in: Menu -> WIne -> Programs -> Games -> (games)

You can always install them with wine or playonlinux and create custom menus :slight_smile:

… And when you do it be sure to post a guide for the rest of us, who need to migrate retirees away from Win 7 :smiley:

Use windows 10 and modify the ui to be 7 like

I looked again on stock wine and the games are missing the menus and the texts are all wrong.

They probably rely on fonts you dont have

Get Winetricks and run winetricks corefonts

No cigar.
Looks like missing localization files:

See bottom right corner on Solitaire: