Running Skyrim on Ubuntu 12.10?

I have a problem with running Skyrim on Ubuntu 12.10. I have the latest wine. Upon launching SkyrimLauncher.exe via WINE, it checks my video settings. It then tells me it has crashed. 

Here is the pastebin of the log:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Skyrim relies on a lot of Windows specific code, including DX. Pirate a copy of W7HP 64 bit if you really can't spend $40 on Windows 8. WINE doesn't work for all games/apps.

I have a legal copy of Windows installed. I'm just trying to get it running on Ubuntu. I'm wanting to make the switch over to Linux instead of being tied down to Winblows.

I've been running Skyrim on 12.04 for some time now and the issues I've had is that the game freezes when exiting so I have to kill it,  WASD keys might "stick", meaning if I start moving forward I sometimes have to hit the W key again to stop moving, and if you go underwater everything just goes green.

Use Winetricks to install "d3dx9_42" and "vcrun2008". And install the DirectX package found in the game directory. I believe that's what I had to do to get it to run properly.

I use the latest development release of Wine, so you could give that a shot as well. Also check for more info if you still can't get it to run.

Run a VM, from Ubuntu, of Windows, and play it from inside Windows.

How did you get it to install? I'm fairly new to Linux, so I kinda need a play-by-play.

sudo apt-get install winetricks

winetricks d3dx9_42

winetricks vcrun2008


also try different windows modes (xp, vista, 7) and a virtual screen in winecfg

Another question. Microshaft's .Net stuff isn't available in x64. Should I use an x86 version of Ubuntu?

You mean wine .net because there is no .net on linux, right? If so, it shouldn't matter. You can install 32 and 64 bit apps in wine.

But Microshaft's .Net is only available in an x86 flavour, whereas I had the x64 Ubuntu installed. Wine wouldn't let me install it. I re-installed Ubuntu to an x86 flabour. Still no luck.

again: you can run both i386 and amd64 windows programs on wine. You should have just searched for .NET then you'd found this: winetricks dotnet40

When trying to install .NET with WINE it says it's not availblae on x64 hardware and DOES NOT INSTALL.

with "winetricks dotnet40"?
Don't believe that because it works for me. So, maybe it's a bug in wine. Try the newer releases:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade