Running peripheral via Bluetooth

I'm interested in running a monitor, mouse and, keyboard all via Bluetooth so I can set my laptop down next to my desk and not have to worry about cables. Does anyone have anyone have any solutions or ideas?

Bluetooth barley has enough bandwidth to support high bit-rate audio, this will basically be impossible over Bluetooth. You could use a wireless HDMI display solution (like chromecast) or software to stream output to the monitor with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, that might be ok. however you would definitely notice that its wireless due to video lag, also Bluetooth audio is nothing special and often lags by a few seconds at times.

Well if you're running windows 8 then you can buy their "wireless HDMI adapter" thing. It will make your screen be wireless when plugged into it. And for your mouse/keyboard get a logitech mouse and keyboard that support the unifying receiver, it lets you connect up to 3 unifying devices to one dongle.

Thank you guys. I've been running windows 8/8.1 forever, unfortunately I just switched my main  OS to linux so the above solution wouldn't work. But I will see what else I can find.