Running a gtx670 on amd setup?

Is this at all viable?


i'm building a gaming rig for the first time, and im having trouble choosing between amd and intel setups, once i did some research and realised the usefulness (especially because i stream, and will likely run a vm) of the 8350 compared to a 100$ increase for the 3770k, which is horribly worse for those two things, i decided iwant a AMD setup. But i don't want to use raedon card's i dont know the first thing about them, and im not very comftorable,



will a Gtx 670 work with STABILITY on a 990fx amd build?

amd+nvidia=do not do this

you'll encounter nothing but pain


Running an nvidia card with an amd system will work fine. No worries. 

everywhere i've read, literally, every source of information i have been able to find has indicated that there is literally no compatibility issues and it doesn't impact performance, and if im not doing sli or crossfire, why matter?


why would i encounter pain?

Not sure where he is getting the "pain" thing from but, my last AMD build I did I paired an AMD Phenom II 965 BE with a GTX 650 and had no problems. I've got the same GTX 650 in my current i5 2400 system and it performs about the same. 

In the end, I say go with the 8350 and take the few extra bucks you save to buy a few more games on steam. 

Dont scare people.. :D



You are going to use all of your ram slots with only 16gb or ram why not get this one and then you will be able to upgrade more readily. And for the price of a 670 you can get a 7970.


why would i cut my cas latency by 2 points just to free up those slots, im never going to need more than 16gigs of ram.


and my 670 blows any 7970 out of the water for what i need. its clock speed, its capacity, even its price.

furthermore, do i lose any performance on using a 670 (pcie3.0) on an am3+ motherboard? they're pcie2.0,



is this accurate?

On the FAR stretch on the TOP end of performance there is an ever so slight bottle neck at the slot \ controlers for the slots. From 2.0 to 3.0 there is a slight bandwidth improvement. You wouldn't ever notice it anywhere except in benchmarks.