Run multiple ProxMox LXC Container for multiple Docker images or single Proxmox container for each docker image?


I am new to ProxMox and getting my feet wet on how it works.

Direct to the point…should I run a single docker image in a separate LXC container or run multiple docker images in one LXC container?

I am thinking about resource usage here as the computer is an I7 8550 with 16Gb ram … is there a best practice…or does it really matter? Single image single container or multiple images spread across containers as I see fit?


I don’t see a good reason why you’d want to create a separate LXC for every container. Maybe you want to group them by rough use (prod/test etc). But that’s mostly personal taste how you want to do that.


I would treat a LXC container like a VM or a physical server, and install all OCI containers under LXC. No point splitting them, unless you go the kubernetes route. You can make 3-5 LXC containers, install k3s on all of them and have some work as workers and some as master nodes. But that is only if you want to learn k8s, if you just want docker containers for whatever purpose, like say, a VaultWarden container, then no point of doing LXC for each and every one of them.

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I run a single LXC w/ fuse for docker, and then pass through folders which are mapped to the containers.