Dear Logan, Wendell, and team.

Could you please make a video outlining simply the rules, and how to use teksyndicate? I feel as though this could help generate new trafick, and inform some users of how to use the website properly.

what do you mean?

You can just read it.

Maybe he wants them to read it on video :/

I can read out of texts

You guys all seem to be missing the point of this

^^^ Many of the new users don't pay attention to that rule post and end up making a topic in the wrong section, if Logan/Wendell/Pistol/Qain makes a video about the rules of the website.  If they do make a video on this it will most likely reduce most of the misplaced posts because most people will watch the video but most people won't read the rules.

Well done good sir. Also a little information about how you should properly use the website to it's best effect

And maybe a bit about how to tie our shoelaces and put on our big boy pants too? 

Multiple time Logan had gone over what should be posted where on the forum, especially concerning the INBOX

Agreed. And most of the rules are the same rules as every other forum.

Dont flame.

Dont be an asshat.

Post things where they should go.


That might be funny actually

You still all seem to be missing the perfectly valid point.

Fuck it, i'll do it myself, then  you'll know what I mean.


OK, go ahead. I'm not forbidding this. If you think this is an exciting project, your shot... Just make sure the grammar is accurate

even if they did a video most people probably wont see it, look how many post we have like "what does wendel look like" "could you do a 8350 video" "could you do a video on [previously done topic]", not only can people not find the search function here, they can't find it on the youtube channel either, hell were still geting posts like "check my build" and "hardware-x vs. hardware-y" in the inbox.exe section after it's been covered multiple times, that these do not need logan,wendel,pistol,quain,unnamedintern's attenion, and to put them in the corresponding fourm section where the communty will provide more help than they ever could


Alright, my grammar is usually good, i'll begin writing some notes in the morning; it's late here.


My times pretty much worthless; if it saves 10 seconds it'll be worthwhile.

haha i know. I even made the rules explicitly state that 'build a pc' topics should to the 'build a pc' thread (who wouldve thought). I still am moving about 5 or 6 every day though lol.