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Rugged tablet recommendations

A friend of mine is looking for a windows tablet to use on his farm. It will running in a dirty environment (think pig pen) so I’d want something rugged that can deal with some dust & abuse.


  • Must run windows (the program this will be used for is windows only)
  • roughly 10’’ display
  • SIM card slot (for mobile internet; there’s no wifi in the stable)

Does anybody have experience with something like this? Would you go for a rugged device or just get a regular one and add a case?


Panasonic still make the “tough” series.

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Thank you. I’ll look into them

Getac is identical to Panasonic but much cheaper. Dell also makes rugged stuff. Panasonic would be the premium brand for rugged.


Ok so Panasonic has the Toughpad FZ-G1. The others either run android, don’t have mobile data or aren’t sold anymore (at least not in europe).

Getac has multiple models that fit the bill. ty @gordonthree

I’m surprised to find fans on these considering they’re meant for dusty environments.

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Have to hose em out now and then… I’ve had a getac b300 out in the rain before, it’s a good way to clean the keyboard… That’s a rugged laptop however.

I also support a number of the F110 tablets, I actually like them better than the laptops. Never had one in the rain myself but do know theyey do get tossed around a lot, in and out of vehicles, briefcases, etc. Two big batteries on board gives them great runtime.

+1 to these (Getac). we used to run toughbooks (from say 2008 to 2016) but pricing is taking the piss.