RTX 3000 vs RX 6000 for Parsec and Steam In-Home

Hey all,

I run UnRaid and currently have 2x Gaming VMs with GPU Passthrough.

This has allowed me to toy more with my personal computer OS and still have my games available when and where I want to play.

I recently sold my 1080Ti and want to get one of the new GPUs but I am curious which would be better choice?

AMD is supporting Linux better which I like and the performance w/o raytracing is great.

Main dray to Nvidia is NVENC and any performance improvement I may see with my streaming with that encoder.

However, I also game at 1080p and even though Ray Tracing is attractive on RTX it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Something I have noticed with streaming all my games as well is that the higher the FPS I can push the better the input latency from the client. So DLSS is also an interesting option but I know that AMD is prepping their alternative as well so that I can render at 960p and use DLSS to upscale to 1080p for even better gaming performance.

With all that said, I am leaning toward the 3080 option but with AMD doing more for Linux community I am wondering if there is anything I should now that would push me toward the RX6800XT?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I had a similiar setup last year with a RX5700 but at this time parsec did not support hevc encoding and h.264 was a total mess with it. But you could also just use AMD Link or whatever it’s called. Your experience with nvidia is most certainly going to be better, I think. I do have a RX6800 so if you want I might find the time to test it for you, but due to the lack of nvidia cards I don’t have any reference point to test against.

From GPU loaded footage I saw, the new VCN encoder STILL drops frames under heavy load from Hardware Unboxed’s VCN encoded overclocking results.

RTX 3000 is going to be a much safer bet for game streaming.

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Thanks for your replies.

I could not find the Hardware Unboxed videos specifically calling out the encoder but I did notice in some videos the recorded footage looked choppy which I did not know if that had anything to do with the GPU in particular or not.

With the lack of GPUs available I have signed up for Geforce NOW for the time being as I refuse to pay scalpers for a GPU. The number of games that are supported is still pretty terrible(about 15% of my library) but at least I have some games to play in the meantime.

It has everything to do with the GPU. At 100% GPU load AMD’s implementations drop frames like crazy. NVENC at full GPU load doesn’t even break a sweat, even when NVFBC is not used and only DXGI and OBS is used.

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