Rtx 2060 "12gb"

The plucky 2060, has been revived… BUTT, with some caveats

Confirmations that it’s running a 2060S processor, but remain on 2060 PCB [192bit bus]
Throwing down 12GB, I imagine being to say, more memory was available
Also, it now appears more AIBs, are releasing a variant [or 2] of these cards
Of course, pricing is all over the place, with sparse few showing Mfr price [ex. EVGA]
SUPPOSEDLY, it was to alleviate the demands, for more GPU supply
With the workaround being, making use of recent-prior tech, at fab facilities.

I do express concern, about this whole charade
…I will profess my ignorance in Crypto, ahead of myself-
) Seeing the mayhem, riled up by RTX30 series notable profitability, having nVIDIA entertain a soft [and later a hardware] lock attempt, to restrain these block-chain calculations from taking place… which brought an “ohh-pity” response from nVIDIA, whenever it got cracked [partially or outright alike]
) This 2060, being of an older architecture, wouldn’t have any baked-in mechanism, to stave away such activities [wasn’t a thought of concern then]. Has their been any mention, of add-on hardware / sub-component, towards this predicament?
) Being it is carrying 2x VRAM, wouldn’t that allow a more elaborate blockchain calc?
Or hosting multiple runs of blockchain?

Although this silicon is being brought back, nearly 3yrs later, I don’t expect it to keep up with the RTX 30 series drivers lifespan… But having this card, nestled with more memory. Could we entertain a lil’ longer [viable] support run, for this card? With modern titles capable of pushing up greater VRAM demands, even recent 6GB cards are getting rather close to being wiped [Halo Infinite, pushing >5GB at 1080p].

0 shock; its got a newer variant of NVENC, over say Pascal [+ prior]

I did put my name down towards one, after my R9 had soiled the bed
… It was its second life, so I’m not entirely mad - just more disappoint, on the timing
NO guarantee I’d actually obtain it.

Figured I’d throw it now to the forum, for general inputs on this [deeply closeted] GPU
Would this GPU be of interest, if need arises? [HW failure]… Or, for what is offered?

More numbers, more sales. They couldn’t rebadge it as a 3000 RTX card so they decided to throw more memory at it in order to sell some cards.
It’s like one of those old 4GB GT730 cards, utterly pointless.

Power/hash rate is not high enough for miners to want to get their hands on them. Mostly scalpers are gonna try to buy pallets from “back door” sellers.

Nope, blockchain calculations are very low on memory usage. So much so that RX470/480/570/580 4GB where bought in great quantities by miners alongside 8GB version. For example the 1060 3GB didn’t really make it because they didn’t hit the sweespot like the 1060 6GB, but not due to the lower amount of RAM they packed.

Raw computational power is not gonna be enough before the card is out of memory, in my opinion. Usually 8GB is the sweetspot for mid-range devices when it comes to gaming.

I’m impressed with the NVENC encoder to be honest. It’s a very powerful engine and doesen’t degrade video quality that much. You could realistically be exporting a video using NVENC while playing games and not see that much of an hit to performance whatsoever.

You take what you can get during these hard times. It’s definitely not a bad product, in my opinion. There aren’t really bad products made anymore, in the sense of truly unusable stuff (beside some snafus that makers of supporting devices make, like MoBos and PSUs that catch fire).
It won’t be the best price/performance thing out there, but it’s gonna last you for a long time and you’ll be happy with it if you manage to get your hands on one.

Thank you for the info bomb @MetalizeYourBrain

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Well to me it is simple: 2060 is a easier chip to make with the silicon being the biggest part of the shortage.

When 2060 came out, it was designed to be a competitor with consoles that were not out yet. Increasing available GDDR is necessary.

Provided it makes it out ok, this GPU will imho serve very to people who just want a competent GPU. Just like when it was originally launched.

Comparing it to other dedicated GPUs at this point is pretty irrelevant as the driving factors for GPU demand having very little to do with the actual silicon but rather the node that makes it.