RtW AudioSurf Competition!

So yeah... I was bored and was hoping this was something we can all try! :P

The best part is the fact that we don't have to all be online at the same time.

So anyway here's the deal, I will host a song and link it into this post and that's what we will play for a week to see who has the best score. The only rule is [b][u]You Must use NINJA MONO in ELITE.[/u][/b]

I will fix the song information so the Artist is RazeTheWorld and the Title is the Artist/Song name, so we can have our own private scoreboards for the song.

At the end of the week, I will post the winner :P Unfortunately, there will be no prize. I can't promise that. Sorry! But you do get the bragging rights to say, "HAHA I KICKED YOUR ASS!"

So anyway, song for the first week will be! :

[b]Woe of Tyrants - Fable Thy Destination[/b]

Link for the song :


Check back next week for results and the next song!

Thats a great idea! Im fucking in!

Gonna try it later today..

Umm umm, Why not just post screenshots?

For the people *like me* who have the pirated version (Wich dosnt have online functions)

I have a "pirated" Version and I can upload mine.... Come to the steam chat group right now if you want to know how to get AudioSurf for free AND upload scores.

Or come in the IRC.

Snap. Im tempted. I have a copy my friend gave me. So im guessing it's pirated too. Uhh...hmm. Blah. Audiosurf gives me random eyesores sometimes. Great game though. Lol. Backgrounds are too colorful even when I dim it to black and such.

Snarling Chicken were did you get that avatar it funny =D

Uhh, I went to google, typed in avatars, skipped through all the TV related avatar stuff. Lol. And there was a website...forgot what it's called.

awesome "omg" hahahhah its so random, audiousurf im good at that any one like trivium or metal?

This weeks song is metal.

Trivium fails epicly.

This week is finished, tags will be handed out tomorrow and I will post Week 2 song.