RSS Feeds

I am some what of an rss reader fanatic. I have a collection of them here: I was wondering if anyone has tech related rss feeds to suggest.

What kind of tech? Do you want the feeds themselves or the name of the blog?

I use Feedly, so I don’t know if I can view the feeds themselves. The application does a great job managing that. But I’d be more than happy to share my sources.

Both the names and the feeds, generally around programming. I use feeder, I haven’t heard of Feedly before. I would appreciate that thanks!

That’s going to take a lot of work. I can post screenshots for now and post the feeds as I find them. I’ll update this throughout the weekend.

Not sure why the first pic resized, but if you click the first image the list contains most of the DevOps feeds too.


Hahah, thanks, don’t go to crazy. You could do a PR above if thats easier for you.

Here’s some feeds you might find interesting:
OMG! Ubuntu!
Bleeping Computer
Network World
Bruce Schneier