RPi project (just a brain blast)

I am wondering if it would be possible to connect 2 ethernet ports to a PC using the on-board ethernet, and an ethernet-to-USB adapter. My hope is that I can use the ethernet port on my computer for my pi and use an ethernet-to-USB adapter to connect, and use, the internet on both devices. (So I would have an ethernet cable connecting from pi-computer and then another ethernet cable connecting internet-computer using an ethernet-to-USB adapter) Is this possible? I wasnt sure what I should post this under but from what I have read this seems like a networking set-up. Im an amateur at this kind of stuff and this is just something that popped into my head. For reference as to where this idea came from - http://pihw.wordpress.com/guides/direct-network-connection/ . I know that this said a laptop but I figured that a desktop had the same functionality(meaning it has a display and keyboard already connected). My only OS is Ubuntu 13.04. I will do my best to supply any other information.

The issue that I am hoping to circumvent with a set-up like this is when I press a key on my keyboard connected to the pi it either doesnt pick it up, types it normally, or do something like thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Another issue, which is more of a pet peeve I guess, is the constant moving of cables.

You would just bridge the two connections. Thats all that is required.

Just make sure the USB adapter is compatible with Linux.

As for your keyboard issue, make sure the Pi is recieving enough power and that you re-run the keyboard configuration that runs on first use of the wheezy OS.