RPi NextCloud Installation Issue

Hi folks,

I was trying to install Nextcloud on my Raspberry Pi 4. Wanted a cheaper option for cloud hosting data and PC backups.

I am running into the same issue that these people in the github link are having.

I cannot find a config file anywhere. And cannot proceed in the installation.

I was following this guide.

Hoping someone here might have a solution.

You need to add the path to the config file to your $PATH variable. Here’s a guide:

(note: not mine!)

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You could try just installing Nextcloud manually instead of using snaps.


It is not as convenient as the one-liner to install a snap, however, it will work and probably only take you an hour or two (if its your first time and or unexperienced with getting a LAMP stack). I’d consider this more worth it for your time budget instead of hours of troublehhsooting.


I am not sure how that works. How do I control $PATH while installing the SNAPD version?

How do I setup stuff like the domain and other components?

I am not that advanced to run Ubuntu Server version of Nextcloud. I was just looking for an easy fix to the snapd version.


This version makes it all very easy

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To be fair, running your own Server never is as “easy” as one might think in the first place :wink:

That said, does the Pi Support Docker? Might be a medium Solution between completely rolling your own and using a snap. I’ve been running the NC Docker Container on my QNAP NAS for some time and it’s been stable and not making any issues… With Docker-compose, the setup should basically also be a one-liner.

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