RPCS3 in linux looking real odd in menus

Anyone ever seen a similar look to the one in the attached picture? Menu bottons and text are in the wrong place, or not visible at all. Sometimes pops back when mouse over or its like the moust isn’t where it is on the screen. Not sure how to describe it!

Not sure what it is, but it seems to be on your end. It’s fine for me:

This is on 44b3709d.

My guess is it’s GNOME related, some kind of setting with the Theme. rpcs3 is Qt based so I guess start looking there?

edit: Do you have any resolution scaling enabled by chance? I remember that being a bit of an issue in OBS too.

flatpaks, snaps and appimages tend to have this problem…

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My thought was they’re using the official AppImage.

Depending on your Linux distro, rpcs3-git (Arch based in AUR repo) or build from source.

There’s no reason not to use the AppImage really, it’s pretty much the only way the rpcs3 discord will give you any kind of support if you’re having issues. Custom build? Custom problems.

Gonna look that up, thanks alot guys! Will check scaling. But havn’t changed anything around really so doubt thats it. But I also dont know anything about Linux. Running latest Mint.

I can’t believe it, I thought that never in my life would it be able to run on Linux, this is an incredible advance

??? rpcs3 was on Linux since the start what.

Oh silly me. Turned out to be a weird scaling issue. Probably because the dual screen different resolutions. Anyway. A super quick scaling change fixed everything. Thanks so much guys! Have the best week ever!

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Had similar issues with a qt program before with dpi scaling set below 96 and immediately thought of that when I saw this. Good to hear you got it sorted :ok_hand: