Router Throttling Windows Laptops

So i got my isp’s router with a 100 mbps fiber plan
its fine for my usecase
However for some reason it gives much slower local transfer as well as internet speeds on wifi on windows devices while giving the full internet and transfer speeds on linux

This isn’t a windows issue since i easily get the full speeds on other routers
I have 2 laptops and this behaviour is present in both

i also get the full speed on android, android tv and ios

i am using 5 ghz if anyone’s wondering

these are the 5 ghz basic and advanced settings on my router

Which NIC, which OS, which driver

Which AP/Wifi Router

by nic i think you mean the wifi card
windows reports it as a quallcomm atheros qca61x4a and pop os(linux) as qca6174a

OS - Windows 10 21H1 and Pop OS 20(although i have now removed it from the dualboot)

driver version - date 22/8/18 (reported by windows, there is no update so latest version)

It is an ISP supplied router + FIber modem combo from a company called optilink but they have no support for their products

It could be a power saving profile

look at the image , power saving is off
power enhancing is on instead