Router for 20 users


I am part of a property management company that is currently adapting its services to meet the needs of changing property market with serviced offices. For those who don't know what serviced offices are, they are essentially desk spaces (usually 70 square foot in size) that a customer would rent for one monthly fee, in that monthly fee those customers would also get all the essential bills covered and services provided like broadband, electricity, water, heating... So for a landlord this means providing those services.

What I need is help choosing a router that can provide fast internet speeds to roughly 20 users (max) with the expectation that each user will probably have a laptop, a phone and possibly a tablet that they would like to connect to the Wifi with. Can someone please point me at a router that could cope with that many connections? Also this router needs to obviously be compatible with the major OS's. 

Thanks in advance.


If you need more information I'm happy to provide you with whatever I can.

If you are doing it for Business go with an Edge router or Cisco. A hardware fire wall is a good Idea as well. Then have multiple access points around the building.

If you you don't know what any of that means you should hire someone who does.

Is this 20 individuals or will it be groups of people? If it is groups from different company's es they should have their own subnets to reduce people sharing data to the wrong people.

I agree with anon. You should probably find a consultant to dig deeper into your needs. An additional question is are you providing phone service as well, whether through IP or via POTS, etc..

Check the date and if it really needs a reply, Op hasn't been here in a year.