Rotten Google Chrome?

Hi guys! So I'm a long time Chrome user and I'm sure many of y'all are too, cuz it rockzzz, at least it used to. But I have been experiencing Chrome crashing and shit a lot lately even after updates and I'm sick of it. 

So does anybody have the same experience? By googling this issue I found out a number of users did have the same issue going on, but the majority of them including my friend's are fine. Weird!

If this ain't fixed by next week I'm gonna kick out Chrome, as much as it break my heart. So is it a good idea to run Chrome Canary? is that even still running cuz I couldn't download it for some reason.

So yea, anyone have the same issue? do I have to reinstall? is Canary a good idea? and please don't make me use FireFox, cuz I used it and didn't like it.

edit: reinstalled and Chrome STILL being retarded -_-

basically the issue is after ~15 min of use chrome refuses to load the page and cannot press any links inside the page, but buttons like tabs, settings and bookmarks still work. -.-? thanks for the feedback guys!

I've never had these issues xD

Try Chromium.

Never had any issues, except for a point where I couldn't view pictures properly on some forums. Then, after the previous update, it was fixed.

What's the difference from normal chrome?

It's an open source google chrome, for developers, and users get nightly updates, but not stable..sth like that. I'm always afraid to use unstable stuff so I never use it.

I wish chrome had something similar to Firefox's tab group feature. That's the only thing that's keeping me tied to Firefox. I like having my tabs organized.

Only issue i'm having with chrome is google docs crashing when i highlight a word then type a letter to delete/replace it. 

Try SRWare Iron its based on the Sourcecode "Chromium" but without the privacy and security problems of Chrome.

maybe downgrade to a stable version?

i read "chromium" but it said "cocainum" in my head, anyways heres this 

Is the link working? it's formated weird on my end.

Crash log?

i see noooo way to downgrade chrome, google takes so much control of it

where's the crash log? there's a crash report folder but the files inside of in alien format

nooo, but it's fine Teebler got the link

thanks for the link, ill see if it works