Rosewill RSV-L4500 Server Chassis Hard Drive Rails

Hey guys. I was hoping someone had an idea where I can get more of these little buggers:

I bought my Rosewill RSV-L4500 server case several years ago, and I know it came with all of these plastic hard drive rails. I know exactly what the cheap cardboard box that they are in looks like. I just can't find it anywhere. I moved a couple years ago, and most of my stuff is still in a storage unit. I just spent the last two hours digging through boxes and couldn't find the little cardboard box that these are in.

I just contacted Rosewill asking if I could buy them separately, but my hopes aren't very high.

I think I have seen those on Ebay they were green colored. I know logisys server cases use the same rails because my Logisys case (identical to the RSV-L4500) uses the same rails. Possibly contact them as well and see if they will send you some. This is when a 3D printer would be nice to have.

If you cant source them this would be a great opportunity to upgrade to hotswap bays.

See, I think part of my problem is I have no idea what to call them besides "drive rails". I look that up on ebay and all I get are some dell ones and lots of lenovo hard drive caddies with the rubber bumpers.

I did, however, get a response back from Rosewill. And it is promising. Basically they said they would have to check their warehouse to see if they even have them available, which could take between two and four weeks. Then they asked for my order number from the original invoice, which I had through NewEgg, and a mailing address.

So I sent them all that. And we'll see what happens.

If you provide me with measurements or an stl of them I can print as many as you want.

Google image search is your friend.


Did you Google image search the image I posted? Because I just searched using that and all I got was a 'best guess' of the word 'firearm', a link to the firearm article at wikipedia, a link to the definition of 'firearm' at, a whole bunch of images of handguns, and a direct link to this thread.

I heard back again from Rosewill, and if they have them in stock they will need to call me to get the CVV code of my debit card to charge me. I have no idea how much they will charge. I am going to ask, because I think $2 per pair at moddiy is a pretty good deal.

Googled Rosewill drive rails and scrolled through the images until I found it.

haha there they are