ROMED8-2T: slow boot after BIOS upgrade

Hi everyone

I recently got my ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T which was still on BIOS version 1.10. The processor installed is a AMD EPYC 7352. After installing Proxmox everything went as expected. Nevertheless, I upgraded to the latest BIOS version released - 3.70.
Ever since, my boot process is very slow. After the initialization, while the ASRock logo is shown, the system is stuck for long time in debug error B4 (USB related) before it switches to 92 where again it takes a lot of time to actually boot or enter the BIOS.

I already unplugged all PCIe cards and USB chassis cables without success.

The only way to have acceptable boot times again was to downgrade. Currently, the machine is on BIOS version 1.30. Any newer version results in the same issue.

Is there any BIOS setting that I missed to change to overcome the long waiting time or is this a common/expected issue?

Thanks the community support!

I too have noticed a slower boot on the new 3.70 BIOS coming from the older 3.50 BIOS.

I haven’t figured out or seen any new setting(s) compared to my 3.50 settings that speed up the boot process.

Just have to accept this I guess.