Rome: Total war to give away

rome total war gold edition from steam

i already have the game + expansions

wut? sure

for free? ill take it :D

hmmm how will i decide???

random number choosing ? oh and this is my official "id love to have it" plea 

let the games begin!

sure ill take it

I'll join in for the taking.

i have all the total wars, they are good games. some of the most worthwhile game purchases iv made :) hope the best submission wins :) 

alrite ,,, first to pick my number between 1 and 10 WINs!!!





keep trying


boobies everyones favortie number.

haha but no........


is it just one guess to be fair?

vagina everyones second favorite number.


one entry only

come on now lads.... this is teksyndicate not