Rom tutorial

Hey Logan and Wendell , I attempted to put Nexus software on my phone but I failed. Knowing that both of you have such knowledge can you please make a guide for the Nexus ROM on any android phone?

Much appreciated,


First off, what phone are you using. ROMS aren't universal for every phone. ROMS are specific to one phone model. Even if someone has a GS3 and are using it on a verizon they don't have the exact same roms as someone with GS3 on AT&T. In your case you need to look at the ROMS available for your specific phone. From what it looks like you tried to load a rom made for a nexus phone which has completely different hardware onto a different phone and obviously it failed. I would have thought that that would have bricked your phone. If you need roms for your phone just go to rootzwiki or xda and find your phone and look there.

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