Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion [Spoilers]

chat about rogue one with spoilers

I enjoyed it quite a bit but some bits like where they went to "rescue" her farther at the end WTF did they get the ship from

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and leave im about to spoil it :D

I'll do it.

Vader massacres some rebels and it's awesome.


i thought you didnt see it :P

no, I did.

yeah i was thinking about someone else :D and i really want to tag them here :D

I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I initially thought I would. I love how they made the ending lead into the beginning of Episode IV.


yeah when it got close to the big ship getting destroyed and darth was on the ship i was like umm how are they going to link this and the way they did it was decent not amazing

Overall score 55/100

+I liked the effort they put into not using 3D renderings
-...because when they used it, it looks VERY cheap. Ceramic doll level of cheap on the characters. The ships are okay-ish.

-The ending is EA style (more Bioware style, you get the idea) because for some odd reasons a wild ship appears and everyone (well, not everyone) dies. Whenever a film needs to kill more than the main characters to come to an end, it either has a build up to that (which was kinda given) or it is not "re-view" worthy.

+Intended as a standalone prequel to Episode ? Dunno. Not much of a starwars fan here.

-Another death star

episode 4 a new hope where the same ship that came out the bottom was being chased at the start by darth

Gotta love Vader's ruthlessness.


Oh! The Blockaderunner scene! I knew I knew that ship!

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yup thats vader for you :D

yup and it works pretty well dont you think

Could have gone further with the Vadernihilation. :D

Not really. The taste of success is completly whiped away by the "death star card". -> Another thing I hate. Just Deathstar and done. Again...

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do you mean the bit where vader was in the tank or the guy walking up to him?

I mean I would have loved to see more how Vader causes absolute terror like its some Alien movie haha