RODE SmartLav+ mic is this reverb?

Hey guys,
I am using a RODE SmartLav+ mic to record myself as I stream. I have positioned about 0.5m away from my face, clipped on the notebook display. Now I know this is a Lav mic and it’s supposed to be somewhere near my face but since another person will jump on the stream as well I decided to try and use it this way. That being said for some reason the recording from it sounds a little bit as if I am recording in the bathroom and even though it’s way more expensive than my headset, my headset recording sounds better. (Actually I tried wearing the mic near my face as well just to be scientific but it still sounded like it’s in the bathroom) How can I fix this? Is this because this mic shouldn’t be used this way, or is it something that can be fixed with an equalizer or w/e?