Rocm low Ethminer performance on Ubuntu 18.04 (R9 390)

I’ve been mining ethereum, not because it’s profitable, but just to keep my room warm. After upgrading to ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 royally borked my system and called for a reinstall. After getting Rocm and Ethminer installed… 3.11 mh/s… when I used to get 26-28 mh/s. I was running Rocm 1.7 on my old system though, so I remove the current 1.9, install 1.7, same issue. This issue is also accompanied by temps going to 95c (when before the highest the temp would go on default fans was 88c), and the fan is intermittent, only running hard for half a second, every second or three.
I guess I haven’t tried an older version of Ethminer yet, but from this fan behaviour, I doubt that’s the issue.

Have you solved your issue yet or are you still having fan troubles?

Have you tried anything else since your last post?

Apparantly my hashrate issue was unrelated, and another version of ethminer fixed that.

However my fans are still being stupid as hell. I’m trying now to control them with radeon-profile, and before I reinstalled my pc, radeon profile would still be a little dumb, and would usually have my fan speed lag from what I set it to by 5% more of less, but now it’s doubling the fan speeds I tell it (more or less, seems kinda irratic and random) and if I set the speeds anywhere over 48% it just goes full speed on the fans.

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