RMAd $200 gpu and newegg sent same defective gpu back in same box

not sure how to respond to this. live chat isn't helpful as usual. what would you do?

orginial thread here


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Complain hard on the phone and send it back for another replacement

Well, usually the terms of RMA state that if they determine that they aren't liable for the issues, the product will be returned as is. Doesn't mean you can't call and complain though.

so whos responsible. me/sapphire/newegg

btw it's r9 380 nitro sapphire

Could be a number of things, what's your power supply?

corsair cx 500 builder. I had problem where epccy reads 16mb Vram and operates as such. machine was only able to boot windows in 600x480. gpu got VERY hot. enough to burn my fingers.

Sounds like an issue with the card, or your PSU murdered it the first time it booted up.

Did it ever work right at all?

If you're still within the time span for the Newegg return policy, theyre the ones you deal with. After that you have to deal with the manufacturer directly.

PSU murdered it the first time it booted up.

tell me more about this

rate: they sent the same thing back. what if they do the same again

You should probably buy a new PSU before you try a new card, if they send you a new one, just call and complain on the phone, it might work

Thats why you call them and bitch that they sent you defective product and you want a BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT. If they wont, then you move on to trying to deal with the manufacturer. Although historically speaking I've never really had too many issues getting a replacement from Newegg when I had bad hardware come from there.

I mean I'm on the system now with integrated graphics and it's running fine.

here's my 2 cents.
A power supply that's fine at 100w isn't necessarily fine at 400w
Corsair CX psus are shit and i've heard stories of pcs catching on fire because of them
it could be a perfectly okay unit but I don't trust the cx series

Currently run a CX750M without any issues at all, though I initially failed POST when I built this rig, and RMAd both the mobo and the PSU at the same time in response.

Well ya, it's using much less power as well, the PSU is probably defective and can't handle over a number of watts.

Of course if the card died as soon as you turned it on, then something else might be the issue.