RM Servers / Workstation with Multi GPUs ( 4x A6000 - 4 x A100 - 4x A40 - 4 x 3090 - 4x 3080)

Hi Folks,
we’d like to Announce from this Amazing forum that we have launched a new server / Workstation with Threadripper Pro with Multi GPUs ( 4x A6000 - 4 x A100 - 4x A40 - 4 x 3090 - 4x 3080)
Our solutions are based on Liquid-cooling and Comino, the developer of all Liquid-cooling computing components from scratch. The Comino RM can be placed in Rack 19" as its 4U or placed as a workstation for the office environment.

The Chasis designed to let Cold air enters through the front panel and is pushed to the dual 360x60mm radiators at the back part. Here the coolant drops the heat and the hot air leaves the chassis. The back part is dedicated to the cooling system, the front part - for the hardware. That is why the motherboard is located this way.
The machine is equipped with a controller with a self-diagnostic function and protection from unexpected errors.
Here are some photos of the Comino RM Machine V2L with Quad 3090 and 32 Core CPU.

Please share with me your thoughts or questions.

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