Riser Cables: Effect Performance?

Everyone has varied opinions, but noone that Ive talked to has been able to back anything up with evidence other than signal integrity over distance, which is very minimal, but yea, do riser cards/cables have any Noticable effects on gaming performance?

No, its just a direct pin-to-pin connection. You're simply lengthening the pins of the card. andnot long enough to cause any lag/latency. its electricity. It moves pretty fast over metal pins. lol.

So if i wanted a 1m riser cable, that wouldnt hinder my performance? somehow doubt that, thats why im asking what effect if any does it have.

Well atlong distances, sure, but none from a short didtance. even ethernet cables(Over 200m)lose signal and performance. But a riser card will not have any ill effects.

So its definately fine to use a 1m riser cable then?

Are you going to find, buy, and use a 1 meter riser card? No. Theres a difference between 1m and a couple of cm. 

If youre going to be sarcastic to the people trying to answer you, don't expect people to help.

A 1 meter cable for a riser...

Whatcha building?


Case mod, and yes, to be precise, a 96cm cable. No sarcasm.


Wow. then I take back what I said, sorry about that. 

A reagular riser card will give no latency. a 1 Meter long ccard, no idea. 

Thats why i was asking lol, oh well, ordered a 1m card, hope it wont effect it too much, will upload photos once done :)