Risen Teaser Site

Interactive teaser sites are awesome, mainly because they give you a feel of the game and an expectation of what is to come. Recently i found this site here (just click on the language to start).

Theres not much information or media released for this title atm except a nice trailer and a few 'mood' vids, enjoy

Just a clarification; Risen is in fact the continuation of the Gothic series by Piranha Bytes. They lost the license to the real "Gothic" title so they are making an other game that is going to be extremely similar to the others.

It's a good thing because the developers that are making the new "real" Gothic game are making it look horrible. It looks like a freaking MMO.

Oh well, can't wait for Risen...hope it is good enough to stand with Gothic 1 and 2.

Ah nice one ty, didnt know that =P

It didnt work for me? jsut kept loading

sry, i should have mentioned that theyre is a compass like thing which has a number of locations. Only the shore is availiable atm but they promised to add more to it in the form of other areas. Then when it loads up u just press the arrow keys to navigate