RIPE Atlas project video

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post video ideas. I’m new here and could not find a category that just screams video ideas so I post it under networking witch it technically also is.
I originally tweeted this idea to Wendell on twitter but figured there is probably a higher chance of it being seen here on the forum. I think a video about RIPE NCC’s atlas project could be a really cool video for the channel. I think pointing people towards the great tools for both a research and operations RIPE NCC provides either entirely or partly made of information by the atlas project is something that the community would be really interested in. If you want to go the extra mile you could also apply for a probe and expand the number of nodes in the US (it is mostly Europe so far).
But I would like love to hear what the community thinks of this and if there is a part of it I haven’t considered.

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I’ve moved it for you :slight_smile:


looks like a decent project at a glance. could be great could be greatly abused just depends on how robust it is.

Wikipedia page on this as I had no idea what any of this was before looking it up,

and the the projects homepage:

Sounds interesting but I know pretty much nothing other than it can tell you internet speeds across the world in real time.

EDIT: Sooo… While I am sure this would be fun for L1T to look at, there is the matter of membership payments, which are not what i would call small.

RIPE NCC members pay a membership fee every year. For 2018, this fee is EUR 1,400. This is charged on a pro rata basis for new member. New members also pay a sign-up fee, which is currently EUR 2,000. Members can have more than one LIR account, but they must pay the membership and sign-up fee for each LIR account. There is a separate charge of EUR 50 per independent assignment.

but then there is the Wiki saying it is free and voluntary. RIPE (French for “European IP Networks”) is not the same thing as RIPE NCC. So one is free and another is not? Like I said i know nothing about any of this but the more I read the more confusing I find it. that and it took entirely too long to find the meaning of RIPE and I still have not found our what LIR stands for.
This mostly me though just not really getting what any of this is so I will stop now.