RIP Turtle Beachs - New $80 Headset?

My Turle Beach X12's just gg RIPerino'd, left cup no longer I'm in the market for a new headset around $80 dollars. I've been looking at the SteelSeries Siberia V2s, and the HyperX Clouds. I play a lot of CS:GO, and don't really care if the headset is open or closed. I'd love some suggestions. I'd also love if the mic quality wasn't as bad as a $10 Walmart mic. Thanks!

At this price range, I'd go with a HyperX cloud.

I'm using a Siberia V2.  Really comfy, and if you can find it at a good price(picked mine up for $50) then maybe consider it.  Mic isn't great, though.

Honestly, watch the $50 and $100 headset video -- all in one gaming headsets are "OK" but there is better stuff out there.

I would get a midmic and open headset.  I love my open and have used closed in the past and... open is just better.


If you want all-in-one:

If you want the HyperX wait until Cloud2 if you can save the $150.

My brother has a steel series but again you run into price vs quality.


I'm personally running this, mine is older so mine was PC only at the time:

If you can spend $70, you can get the Razer Carcharias, works for me for now until I can upgrade when I have more money. -


just get a quality pair of headphones and then buy a mic to go along with it. I have a pair of ATH m40x and these lapel mics that were realy cheap and sound alright the cord is a bit short for the mic but you can use a 3.5mm extender.