Rip movies from DVD

Hi there

I want to Rip movies from DVD I have at home. As I am Swiss I want all the audio in English and in German so I need a codec that allows me to do that. I did all that before using Make MKV but I don't like MKV as it can't be played form TV/xBox/PS. Someone told me that multi language ripping is possible to MP4 but I don't know if this is right.

Let me know what is the best solution for my case. I don't want to keep one movie file for each language. Best case scenario is if I could change Language and Subtitles of all videos. 




try Handbrake 


thanks for your post. I have tried handbrake but I don't know where I can select more then one language.


This picture should be helpful ;-)

Go to "Audio" (1), then click on "Add Track" (2) and select the language you want at (3).

Adding/changing subtitles works the same way.