Rip audio from a video file

So yeah i want to know if there's any good free software where i can strip audio from video files?


Thanks in advance

Megui is a 'gui' that downloads and controls allmost every free encodeing program avalable very usefull free tool (allso supports nvidia video cards for video encodeing)

Nice, thanks man. just tried it out and i like it really intuitive tool. did some ogg vorbis encodes with and its really good, the quality is top notch. thanks again :D

i use to use virtualdub

virtualdub isent bad it dosent support a lot of video formats tho anless you are handy at writing your own avs scripts in import unsupported file types.

As Megui use's the gpu for video encoding does that mean it use's the gpu for audio encoding too?


Never tryed i dont have a green team video card but you shudent need it audio encodeing is pretty fast even 5.1 DTS 1500kbps is encoded in minutes.

well it just so happens i am using an Nvidia, gpu admittedly i think the support is integrated and automated if its there. as there are no gpu support options in the settings.

yeah it is pretty quick it did 3:50 length track at QB 10 ogg vorbis in under 7 seconds so i cant complain really lol.

pretty sure its only supported with AVI (xvid/dvix) ive seen the tick box for it before somewhere.

well if you come by it be sure to screen cap it so i can try it out myself :)

by the way I have been messing around with decoder settings today to see what they are like and i have to say the bassaudio decoder is awesome!!! it actually pumps up the bass track without smothering out the mid ranges and treble in the track and no peaking issues either!!, love it! did it on ogg vorbis q10 btw. sounds really good with D&B,DUB, electronic music.