Right to Repair Laptops

I dont think i ever bothered with extended support, the basic warranty has always server me well enough

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I had to spend two hours (not inclusive of initial hold time) on the phone and talk to at least 4 different people to get the AC charger for a $2000 dollar laptop replaced under warranty. Apparently they put a hold on the warranty because I shipped it to my sister and registered the warranty under my name (even though the billing and account information was under my name) Like WTF?, and no notice given though email of the account I ordered from, or registered under, and trying to pull up the warranty info online gave the very unhelpful “not found” and leaving me thinking the problem was on my end.

Then they told me I needed to ship the broken part back, but sent no instructions of the procedure to do so. Another hour and a half wasted (hold time included), half of that just trying to communicate an email address.

There’s no email portal for warranty support - (Which is so much easier to communicate clearly, especially if your support team is overseas) , and the chat tool is simply broken if you have the default firefox security options, much less use no-script/adblock.

Asus was a lot better, and I never had to use my lenovo warranty.

But it’s not just laptops. Thing like trying to find an official parts manual for a cummins generator, or trying to get details how time zones and daylight savings is handled in a $100,000 piece of scientific equipment from viasala.

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I guess you haven’t tried fixing lesser-known devices without schematics, board views, or even replacement parts. Sometimes even getting replacement parts online for some things is impossible.

From experiencing, fixing TV’s with dead logicboards is 1000x easier with a schematic + board view compared to ones without. I can’t imagine how painful it would be with lesser-known laptops, cellphones, and other electronics.

It can also be significantly cheaper to repair a logicboard compared to buying replacements.

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