Right, thats it, choose my next project

Instead of bitching that shit doesn't go on here I'll take @SEP seriously for once and just start doing a lot of shit. However, I don't know what shit I really want to do yet. So, heres a list of things that I have had planned to bag for a while but things have gotten in the way since plotting. Have a vote.

  • Best Ways to Use an iBook G4
  • Me Figuring Out WTF To Do With A SunBlade 2500 (or multiples of said 2500's)
  • Making a Tiny Computer Cluster
  • KDenLive Tutorials
  • How To Actually Use Wine For Gaming And How To Not Break It (otherwise known as linux keks)
  • A Short Series on Why Linux Is a Valid Desktop OS Nowadays.
  • Uses For a Mac Pro 1,1
  • How To Use Icaros Desktop
  • Something Amiga
  • Something Linux
  • Something Processors Pentium 4 VS Powermac G4
  • Something Laptops iBook G4/ Powerbook G4 VS Pentium M Portable Workstations (historical)
  • Other (some other dumb shit I'm not thinking of that I have mentioned before)
  • Turnip


Votes are public.

Somewhere on here is my original list of shit but fuck if I know where it is.

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Hey hey hey! Somebody took my advice, now where's my freakin metal?! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good on yah for taking the initiative,
Also dig the tiny computer cluster, but I can only choose one kek

Alternatively, more of a "How To" poll.

  • How to Properly Use a Pentium 4/3/M Machine
  • How to Properly Benchmark a Machine With Real World Measurements
  • How to Scrap for Machines / Parts
  • How to Mod a Laptop (could be any one thing about it, your choice really)
  • How to Make Hardware Explode
  • How to Other (List something)


Votes are public.

Well I don't want to tackle 5 projects at once. I'll be doing one at a time.


I think you mean Medal.


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could just of been wondering where my metal albums were, for some random reason
Tho I'd dig having a medal too!

I like booms and fire

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I have been tempted to use a cluster of 3-4 raspberry pis to show how to control via cluster control software but time
need moar interns :smiley:


I think that there are a couple of very interesting cool things on that list.
Kinde difficult to choose.

About those tutorials on wine and kdenlive, are you going to create a video tutorial on that?
Or mainlly plans for writen tutorials?

Amiga stuff gets my vote.

It could be either, but it takes me a while to explain a lot of stuff. I don't like to skimp out on stuff. As it is I don't want to really do a video for a lot of the How To's because I would need to cut it down a lot and I don't have 4 hours to burn on 20 minute videos. I could do short 5 minute videos but I do a few takes at a time each and it would still eat up a lot of my time. I would just prefer to do written reviews and how to's (my production value is lower than Louis Rossman's lol).

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Top kek hire me

I did think of some other things but I'm not sure how many people will find them interesting.

History of Budgie / Why Budgie Wanted To Only Release Halo 1 on PPC and Why They Hated The First Xbox / History Of Xbox

History of Dreamcast

Why Amiga is Still Alive And Well

History of Nintendo Consoles Dev Time (a singular console at a time)

History of Demoscene

I list these rather than put them in vote slots. I'm going to do each of them irregardless but voice interest in them whatnot with what sounds interesting.


More Obscure Benchmarks

Make a cluster of Sunblades, get Wine going, then remote into the cluster with the Mac Pro?

Playing Windows games on Linux over the network on Mac.

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..... Well I could cluster them together with Solaris esaily enough I guess, but how the hell would I use wine?

For the moment the popular thing is how to do a cluster. Cool, never done that before. But, I also want to do a "How To Scrap" thing as well. What to look for, how to establish a social link with shops, all that. So I might do both.

Long live the Demoscene!

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I also voted for the cluster - I got a view RPi's myself and had once planed on doing so, but time and work and you know it - it slipped into Valhalla of forgotten projects but still would be totally nice to see it done - and maybe summed up in a way it can be reproduced and learned from while doing so :slight_smile:

Also making hardware explode had me immediately - was planing to make my spend hard-drives have a explosive good bye - but that would in my country directly take me into court - so decided to not do it - yeah also need a permit for Thermit here -.-

lol well I was thinking capacitors and then the board catching on fire but... Yeah ok I'll have to learn about how to make thermite out of nothing to do that.

Also I only have one pi and don't really have any money to buy like 6. I was just going to take some old P4's that I have lying around that are all exactly the same and go nuts.

I'm going to give this a couple days before jumping onto any one thing.

Don't get me wrong - the PIs are only one way ^^ I mean a cluster of P4s will probably use the same software as the PI cluster would ^^

That sounds nice as well - I was just mentioning that as I wanted to try that ^^

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Some other projects in mind

  • How to build a proper budget machine (no LTT faffing around)
  • How to spot Craigslist deals
  • Budget computers on budget time
  • How to social engineer your way into scrapping (to be paired with "How to scrap")


Votes are public.

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@FaunCB you gotta do one on why Linux is a valid desktop OS!!!

Because -

Number one : its not, and
Number two : who would want that anyways?!?

Linux is a ripoff (not in a pejorative way) of Unix - a time sharing OS. Built for productivity and making shit happen: like route interstate telecommunication traffic.

A desktop OS is designed for like, "let me go to Facebook to upload my instagram pics" or whatever the hell normal people do on their Windows PCs.

I mean think about it... out of the box Windows totally sucks. CMD - sucks; IE - sucks; buying antivirus - sucks;

And then there's like Fedora: bam out of the box - a real shell; office suite - Firefox (which we'll pretend doesn't have gaping memory leaks for now).

I mean, when people want a desktop PC they not only expect to get a shitty OS, but that's what they want. And that's what I hope doesn't happen to Linux.

Most PC users don't want to be able to natively run commands to output the http headers to find out why a website keeps redirecting them to the wrong place, just so they can shoot the web operator a heads up on a bug.

They want facebook, not the OS that hosts it.

All kidding aside - it would be awesome to read your thoughts, insights, research, opinions - or whatever because I know you got them.

Best on whatever you choose!

PS - if you do go Linux is a valid desktop you can't forget to mention the terrible wifi driver support for many consumer grade laptops. And the mantra that if you can't find the driver a) buy a new part or b) write your own.