Rig Upgrade (Aus)

Hey guys,

I have decided that it is about time to upgrade my current rig: i7 920 @ Stock, Asus P6T, Asus 5850, OCZ 6gb 1600mhz CL8, Samsung F3 1TB, Antec TruePower 750W all inside the Antec 902. (Running a single monitor with no intention of getting more).

What I am considering/have been told to upgrade is: add the Samsung 830 128gb SSD, replace the 5850 with either a 7970 or a GTX680 and upgrade the stock CPU cooler to a Noctua NH-D14. My max budget would be $800.

I have a few questions:

  1. With a single monitor setup should I go with the 7970 or the 680?
  2. This will be my first attempt at overclocking, is there a "how-to" guide somewhere? I would prefer to not fry my CPU
  3. With adding the SSD, I plan on transferring my current Windows 7 install off of the SpinPoint to the SSD. I have been told it is best to do a fresh install of Windows onto the SSD. Is this difficult to do?
  4. This one is slighly off topic (I apologise if this is not the sub-forum for this question). I  use a Netgear WNDA3100 to connect to the internet (~30m to Wireless router) and have been experience signal trouble whenever I am in game. Seeing as BF3 is the only multiplayer game I have been playing recently this is the only example I can go on. I am in the server playing happily for roughly 5 minutes or so, then am exited out back to battelog with a message along the lines of "you have been disconnected". I am aware that this is fairly vague, but is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I should add that I do use this rig for gaming.

Sounds like a great upgrade! The noctua is a good cooler. Single monitor either is very good. Personally i do like the GTX 680, it does favor BF3 slightly. Here is a guide for overclocking, there are many out there. 


I believe your SSD will come with a clone software, or you can download one. You should be fine without doing a clean install.

Thanks for the reply! For the GTX680 I was considering this one: http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.phtml?id=10&id2=247&bid=5&sid=93101. Thoughts?

thermalright silver arrow is $30 less, at least for me, and performs at least as good as the noctua, and looks better doing it

Unfortunately no parts stores near me sell the Silver Arrow.