Rig Spec Help

Hey I was looking to see if someone could help me out. I'm building this rig for gaming, on screen recording, editing, and other random use. Does this seem to check out ok?

16gb vengeance

250gb samsung evo 840

3tb wd green

Rosewill Throne

i7 4820k

850 watt seasonic x series

Asus p9x79 LE

Asus gtx 780

H100 i

Asus blu ray combo drive

Thanks for the help!




I'm not familiar with the case, but otherwise looks like a kickass build to me.

Build looks sick. The case looks like it has some of the nicer features common on higher-end cases. I have heard some gripes from people about Rosewill's build quality on their cases, but I can't confirm that as I've never owned one. But that one caution aside, it looks great. Hope it all goes well!

Thanks for the conformation. I got the case yesterday and took my time inspecting the entire thing and it is exactly what I wanted. Plus it was on sale!

Get a r9 290, much better price/performance(IIRC it's actually better) and if you want(will void the warranty) you can buy an aftermarket for probably about $50. CLCs(all in one liquid coolers) are bad, they leak a lot because of corrosion, an air cooler like a phanteks or noctua woild be a better choice. Because you are recording you might want to get a faster drive like a caviar black or blue(i think the green is slower)

The H100i is near and dear to my heart so I will be using it in preference to an air cooler. I'm using the gtx 780 because it has been out longer than the r9 290 and has been proven to last and also has better tweaked drivers. The green drive was on sale...?

You might want to out duct tape around it or something

You want to spend $100 for something that performs about the same or worse than something that is $100 cheaper? 

If you decide to get the 290 and want an aftermarket cooler here's one


Duct tape is my middle name. No its not its sadly Douglas but besides the point I am looking forward to g-sync, shadowplay, and I'm getting a shield with that $100 off coupon the 780 gives me. It also gives me three free games instead of possibly one. Anyway both of these cards are great and its around the best time in a long time to buy a graphics card. So I will stand by my choice no matter what the consequences may be. Good day to you sir!

Well if you want those features and you want a shield then get it but.... Mantle

Nooooooooooooo! I forgot about mantle! AND I WANT TO PLAY STAR CITIZEN!

The temptation...  unless nvidia suddenly pulls a piece of art out of their ass in competition

looks good.