Rig built on sale's shopping

So I have been on deployment for 4 months and have been shopping all kinds of deals and only buying stuff on sale. what do you guys think so far? have saved a bit of money on it.

Rig so far.

ASrock z77extreme 4  - 129$

Patriot 8gb ddr3 1600mhz came with mobo

corsair H70 cpu cooler - 65$

Rosewill HIVE 650w modular PSU -64

Seagate 2TB 7200rpm 6gb sata 64mb cache - 74$

Galaxy GTX 670 - 330 but came with Assassins creed 3 and Borderlands 2 ( both of which I would have bought )

/ocz vertex 2 ssd for my boot drive. already have, still new in package.

Havent bought cpu yet. getting 3770k from buddy at intel for 175.


So spent 662 so far, more like 562 though since the games dont really count towards the rig.

whats the price on that RAM btw?

The retail price on it was 39. Patriot Gamer 2 series, came as a package deal though with the motherboard

looks good to me, game on

just keep your eyes on that ocz ssd, heard some weird things about their ssd's


its actually my second one. first one took a dump. thats why its still brand new. only the OS will be going on it so I will get a new one soon.

if you can swing the $$ when you do i highly reccomend adata xpg sx900 256gb or hyperx 3k 240gb, well well worth and they have the bect efficiency and performance per $ per gb $189-199 usd

that's not bad, I have the cash to spend on it. I just like to spend the least amount possible. but I also am one of those people who likes good stuff so I will shell out the extra $ for the good stuff.

Ill check that out if this one dies anytime soon.