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RGB lighting schemes and Linux


I’m building a new system that will include RGB lighting. I dual boot win10 and linux, so I need to know if any of the various lighting standards will maintain their settings under Linux once they are set in Windows.

I know that some vendors (like ASRock) have in-UEFI control of lighting, which would mean Windows isn’t an issue, but a once-and-done setting in Windows would broaden my options if available because in-UEFI settings support for that isn’t as comprehensive or as common as with Windows programs.

As a concrete example, can I use Aura software to set a Trident Z RGB memory module’s lighting in Windows, restart to Linux, and not have it revert to it’s default rainbow scheme?

Thanks in advance!

My setup under consideration:


My Aura settings have held from Windows to Linux. If you go Asus, though, just make sure you get a board with their addressable 5v 3 pin header, not the 12v 4 pin header. Not all their Aura boards have the 5v 3 pin connectors.


Thanks for your quick reply – and for the extra info! That will save me some headaches, I’m sure.


You (might) I’m not sure.

I have an AURA SYNC compatible ryzen mainboard and a 1070 with AURA. Turns out there are multiple different versions of the AURA Software.

  • The AURA SYNC application

This one is for your AURA mainboard. The idea is you put in your settings for your mainboard and then it will sync with all your devices. Red strange icon under your GPU means sync is on and white icon means sync is off for the device (in this case GPU).

However the AURA SYNC software from my experience needs to be running for it to sync with your other peripherals, witch it won’t on Linux.

  • AURA Software for your GPU

This is a seperate applicaiton you install and it is used to set the lighting of your GPU independently. I did set the same color here as in AURA SYNC and then disabled AURA sync for the GPU and the result is a static color that does not disappear when booting into Linux after a shutdown.

What I would actually like to be able to is just use some RGB controller with a remote that has nothing to do with any software. Would be a much more sane approach to this compared to some proprietary software that only works on Windows.

I would guess you need to download the trident z Software from GSkill, set it there and disable AURA sync for your memory. To have it hopefully not default to rainbow puke when you shutdown your PC and boot Linux.


Thanks for your detailed reply! I didn’t know about the G.Skill software, so that will help a lot.

In case others come across this, I’ve built my machine and it mostly works fine, but the memory tends to revert back to its default rainbow pattern when I boot into Linux. I haven’t tried the G.Skill software yet, so that could solve the issue.


No problem took me quite a few reboots to figure out that the aura sync software isnt going to do what I want it to do.

Why put all the options into one software, when you could have 10 softwares?