RF signal

Can a samsung receive a RF signal? I know you can use your device as a remote for a screen but can it receive that same type of signal as well?

Can you please rephrase your question?

Need additional information.

The component which can be used to control TVs uses infrared, not radio waves.

Bluetooth and NFC both use radiowaves to transmit and receive data.

Agree with @DeusQain

Could you please give us some more information? Which Samsung device are you talking about? Are you referring to Miracast (i.e. "controlling" your TV by using display mirroring)? If so, any Android 4.2+ device natively supports Miracast unless disabled by the manufacturer. Miracast leverages WiFi-Direct (aka Peer-to-Peer) and WiFi-Display wireless protocols, which both operate on the 2.4GHz/5GHz spectrum. The WiFi-Direct spec allows for wireless data transfer between mobile devices without requiring the devices to be associated to the same access point/network. As long as the wireless component is enabled on both devices, you can send/receive data via WiFi-Direct.

If you are talking about IR I doubt there is any IR sensor on any Samsung phones but you could probably use the camera to receive signals. It would consume a bit more power (not an issue if you just want to learn codes) and would require that there is no other flickering light distracting, it would also require a camera with high enough frame rate. I wasn't able to find any app that can do this but it might be possible to write one using OpenCV.

Please rephrase... if you are speaking of TV remotes.. most TV remotes use an IR or infrared signal.. as you can see.. an LG g3 has an IR blaster to control TVs..

but I need specifics to help you

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I think he is referring to using the infrared blaster on the back of a samsung phone (S6 likely) to receive the infrared signal.

As for as I know it's only an emitter not a receiver.