This is a revision on my build.

-i5-3570k on MSI-Z77MA-G45 Board with Crucial Ballistix RAM (from the original)

-EVGA GeForce GTX 660 TI Signature 2 FTW edition 2GB graphics card (it's shiny, fast, and cool. I want it.)

-Adata SX900 128GB SSD as my boot drive with all my unneeded files that I have backed up on my Caviar Green 1TB.

To add some info on the build, this is a Budget gaming build. I don't know how I'll afford the graphics card AND SSD on a budget, I can afford the SSD with a 650TI instead but I'm not settling. I have $750 with some negotiation room with my dad, hopefully I can get this built. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! Thanks.


Don't get a micro atx motherboard, get an atx. Also the 660 ti is incredibally bad for the price, get a 7950 or 7870.

The full ATX version of that board is about $20 more and thanks for the tip on the 660TI. But, I'll go ahead and risk the mATX because of the price and the amount of features it has is so similar to the full ATX, that the 20 isn't worth it lol