Review of the rig

So I've spent the entire last month trying to find the cheapest parts with the greatest value. This is what I've came up with can you share your oppinions?

Thanks in advance


Closed loop watercoolers are of very limited use. Dual rad air coolers like the NH-D14 perform better for less money. Otherwise, looks good, though you will need a better PSU if you want to xfire.

You might want to look at something like this. All based on your build. 8320 is a good value vs 8350. It's a bit cheaper and you can OC it. Assuming you don't need a hard drive as one is not your build. Alternatively, you can look into an i3 with a z87 mobo with plans to upgrade to an i5 k sku down the line.

Thanks, but what if I don't want to crossfire?

for a few more dollars you get alot more

Along with a shitty motherboard, yes.

So the Asus 660 costs me 1620HRK while the sapphire 7870 costs me around 1300HRK 

Is it worth my money? Why? Cooler seems nice

Edit: The 660 is abour 300$ nad the sapphire is just a bit over 220$

There isn't the Visiontek 7950 anywhere in stores in my country

You probably won't find any HD 7950s in stock at a decent price anymore.

The Sapphire HD 7870 is faster than the GTX 660.  The Sapphire coolers, both their Dual-X and Vapor-X coolers are great.  I would go get the sapphire card.