Revamp 1st 5600x build concept

I currently planning finish my 2nd build but also to revamp my 1st

which is my primary an needs better cooling for its 5600x an 1660 super oc

i figured while im at it id upgrade my gpu also to a 6700 xt an my mobo to a

(over my aorus b450m only 1 m.2 slot) my 2nd mobo that i already have is a asrock b450m pro
that has 2 slot

an up my aio to the Arctic Freezer II 240mm version at the same time.
my house doesnt have the best cooling during the summer (avg peak 75deg ) with my

current Arctic Freezer II 120mm an corsair 275r air case my at load runs
at a avg of 66c on the cpu an 72c on the gpu

the case has a total of 6 noctua fans 4 x 120 (1 rear intake on 120 aio as pull )
( 3 x front as intake ) ( 2 x 140 as top exhaust )

this was the best config for me for summer temps for my current gear in use
i tried others this was best but still not ideal.

im hoping a bigger case with a large aio , more fans in a different config
might work better id like at least a 12 - 15deg shave on temps

this is my purposed revamp

id like to go with a fractal torrent compact with all Noctua F12 industrialPPC-3000 PWM fans

swap the 1660 super oc with a PowerColor Fighter AMD Radeon RX 6700.

what do you think on this revamp idea ?

If cooling is your biggest concern, make sure you buy a proper case. I would Invest in a 280 or even 360 AIO personally, though unless you are stupid enough to OC a 5600X, CPU shouldn’t run that hot.

Also make sure the room is well ventilated. Contrary to popular belief the PC can only be as cool as the air around it. Cooling is not active in the same way a fridge is active.

I wonder though what would happen if you hooked water cooling to a fridge cooler… :thinking:

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