Reusing the LG KM implementation without the video

I have recently consolidate my gaming VMs to a proxmox server and everything works ok with Sunshine/Moonlight but…
In my experience the spice seems to work better for mouse and sound passthrough and it can be done over the network.
The question is - can I reuse the spice component responsible for KB, mouse and sound passthrough from LG either via:

  1. Disable the video transfer in configuration, or
  2. Install the KB, mouse, sound as stand alone component
  3. if the KB, mouse, sound spice client is custom component, can it be compiled as standalone app?

To be clear I do NOT expect for the video to work over the network. I saw the topic where this was discussed. The question is only for the K and M part of KVM.
If you have other alternatives please let know. At least for sound scream is a good option but Barrier never worked ok for me.

The short answer is no. The SPICE piece in LG is written very specifically for use in LG. It is a specialized lightweight SPICE client that was written from the ground up and tailored for LG’s use, especially in the way keyboard and mouse are handled. Your pointer, for example, will have to be inside the LG window to have mouse/keyboard events sent out. There is no way to disable the video channel, and you’ll need to have a functioning IVSHMEM region for the client to even start.

That said, if you wish to develop your own client the spice code we use is a separate library called PureSpice.

Thanks for the info. I am afraid developing a new application is a but more than my current skills. Good to know it is possible.