Returning a MacBook Pro Retina after almost 4 months

Ok so I bought my MacBook Pro 15" with Retina back towards the end of September and since then I have been happy with it apart from when the UI and Safari constantly dropping frames so scrolling or animations become really laggy. I have decided to just deal with it for a while as I thought that Apple optimise the software so it was always smooth but still nothing; so I've done research on the matter and I discovered its not fixable no matter how much optimising is done. This really annoys me because I was told I would be getting the best performance with the Retina MacBook than any of the other Mac's, which is partly true but nothing is smooth.

I was wondering after almost 4 months could I get a refund for this reason? I upgraded the RAM Memory and Processor as well so I spent almost £2000.

If I couldn't for that reason, how could I get my money back from Apple.

the gpu can't handle the load that the unrealistic resolution puts on it, its a massive design flaw. its the same with the 650 models.

yeah but I'm wondering if I can get my money back because I was told it was going to give me better performance than any other Mac?

see thats the thing, you were lied to

Since you apparently modified it I'm going to say that's a definitive no, but you could probably get a very good price for it when reselling if you resell it yourself.

You should check out this if you already haven't:

You have rights for return under "Sales of Goods Act 1979" and "Sale and supply to Consumer Regulations 2003" depending on whether a court of law would describe your unsatisfaction of frame rate dropping as "reasonable"

If you can prove that, then there's a chance you can get your money back.

I know if a product is under 6 months old and it's faulty (and you have the receipt), you can take it back to the retailer and it's up to them to prove that the fault is not due to negligence. You can demand a exchange for equivalent, credit note or your money back - and that's down to you, they can't fob you off to the manufacturer or for a credit note.


I haven't seen any of these issues with the Retina Macbook Pros I've deployed. Even the 13", which seems underpowered, runs fine with an external 2560x1600 monitor. I would try reinstalling OS X or running the Apple Hardware Test (hold down D on boot) before returning it. If that fails, then return to the Apple store and explain. They tend to be helpful.

Despite what people say (especially Apple fanboys :P), Apple isn't really well known for using the resources it needs to run its scrolling motions and other eye candy smoothly. As a matter a fact, It seems that a lot of Macs are underpowered for the software they come with. We have a Mac Mini that came with only 2GB of RAM; it could barely handle iPhoto! I think my toaster could have run it better.

Just try returning it and see what happens. Apple's customer service is pretty piss poor though. This is how Apple works. They talk you up and show you a shiny, new, trendy device that looks pretty and sell it to you. What most people who buy Apple don't know is that you could have gotten a more powerful PC for probably 1/4 of the price. Apple computers are filled with crap that they charge an arm and a leg for.

I'd love to buy a high res 15" Core i7 laptop for 1/4 the price of the Retina Macbook. Care to link some to me? It's one thing to dislike Apple and their products, and another to spout total shit. Read that, and get back to me on customer service. 

You were right in saying "Just try returning it and see what happens." but that's where the logic ended.

I returned mine too, a day before the return window closed. I shit out gold bricks everytime I go to the bathroom, but I still realized that you have to be brain dead to drop $2500 after everything on a unalterable 15" laptop thats going to be old news in exactly 4 months.

Amazing build qaulity though. lol

well 1/4 is out of reallity, but defenetly you acn find 1/2