Retail BIOS chip for an OEM motherboard?

Sup dogz.. What it iz?

Anywho.. I recently purchased an Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z off and sadly... It's an OEM version... I know...(The BIOS looks like poop..)

I managed to successfully flash with the Asus CG8265 desktop PC BIOS version.. but I want the retail version..

Are the two chips interchangable? I've already tried to flash with the retail version, but I keep getting an error: "Image integrity check failed"



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EDIT: If it does work, what are the chances of having the same overclocking options as the retail board?

Pretty sure all ROG motherboards have a socketed BIOS chip. You should be able to replace it for as little as $10, plenty on ebay. Some come preinstalled with the correct BIOS, so you won't have to flash it. Find the correct chip which is compatible with your specific model of board.

That's probably the worst case scenario, someone else will probably have another idea.

That's if I have understood this post correctly.

Yes it has an 8 pin removable BIOS chip.. I'm just not sure if a new BIOS chip with a retail bios preinstalled would work in my OEM board..

I can't be sure that it will work, but for $10 it could be worth a punt. Someone else will contribute and give a better idea. I can't understand why it wouldn't let you flash it with the retail. Maybe try flashing it again.

I've tried many times already. Yes, it's pretty cheap, but I'd like some confirmation that it'll work just so I don't have to waste money.

Im 98% sure there would be no compatibility issues just switching out the DIP for one off ebay with the latest Bios. (but then its not my money!). 

If it does work, what are the chances of me having all the overclocking features like the retail board?

You got a link to this OEM version? 

This is the board. It looks exactly like the retail version.. apart from a few physical differences. It's originally from the Asus CG8265 desktop PC... I think... lol

As for the link.. I can't find anything about this OEM board. Neither can I find much of anything on the Asus CG8265 desktop PC. 

The link where you bought it from?

Bought it from a seller named "Better online choice"

It's very frustrating though because I Emailed them about it and a guy replied to my first Email. I then answered his reply and a second guy replied to my second Email... The thing is the second guy had no idea what the first Email was about.. Terrible customer service.

I'm gonna sell the board for a loss and find a retail version.

Thanks for the help guys.

D; I'm sure you could send it back. It's the 7 day consumer e-commerce law thingy, that the company needs to abide by, surely?

If you are dissatisfied with something you have bought online, you should be able to send it back within 7 days. At least, that's how the law goes in the UK.

But I flashed the bios...  Think I can still get my money back?

Or spare $10 just to get the motherboard you wanted in the first place?

30days for Amazon.....(have a quick google if that applies to their  affiliate too, or just go into your account and see if you can just process a return as normal) 

I very much doubt they would even know/test that..........Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

If you're dissatisfied with the motherboard, I think you're protected by consumer rights.

At the end of the day, it doesn't do what you expected it to do. However they might have sold it to you. Though, they told you it was OEM, you would still expect it to have the correct BIOS.

Slap them about a bit lol.

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Man, they gon' have to buy you off, because we will all be down there with shovels, so we can bury them up to their heads.

Sweet. Sent them an Email. :)