Restoring lvm pool

Story is i recently got a new job, and these guys are just all bout dat windows, but today the one and only linux servers they got running crashed after a power surge, and one of the two identical servers wont boot, so figured they’d transplant the harddrives to the second server and get running again since this server had the build server, and some FAT test servers.
After some digging around and so on, i finally manage to get a picture of what’s going on.
The server appearently runs xen-server? i believe it is called, some linux distro i never worked with, but seemed like a straight forward debian’ish just with out all the bloat and apt. But heres the big’un they set it up so that the boot drive is a lvm pool m.2 250gigs, and ssd 500gigs combined, and it just wont boot after the transplant.
Currently i am prepping a usb stick with my tool box and a single ubuntu installation, and id like some advice/pointers on where to go now, normally i avoid lvm like the plague for this exact scenario, atleast for boot drives.

xen-server is a hypervisor like ESXi.

This is the best I can find since I didn’t play with Xen long enough to get into troubleshooting issues.

looks like i got it working now.
Basically boot the usb stick i made last night, then mount the lvm pools, and use qemu-img convert from the /dev/mapper/PoolName to a .vmdk file which can be imported by xenserver itself.